My sister-in-law (and hubby) recently renovated a classic Redondo Beach bungalow into a beautiful two story home… and they did an AMAZING job working out all of the decor on their own.

Typical to most families, though, they left their primary bedroom to languish in despair until Laurie called me and said “I will pay you to do ONE room”.

Challenge accepted!

This is where we started…

… A mish-mash of old furniture and no clear style direction or aesthetic.

House Beautiful: A California Bedroom Gets An Elevated Beach Inspired Makeover

Here is where we ended… a boutique hotel worthy domain with style to spare. Laurie didn’t get her nickname “5 star” for shits and giggles.

I love this room so much. Like REALLY love it.

Mike and Laurie agreed to the wallpaper (McLaurin & Piercy Fern in Midnight) instantaneously, and the tone was SET.

With their house situated near the ocean, this majestic blue gave off the most perfect California beachy (but elevated) vibe, and depending on where you sit, and where the light hits… it serves a different mood at any moment.

The bed is from Shoppe Amber Interiors, and is again… classic, but casual enough to feel un-stuffy.

I went tone-on-tone (one of my favorite tricks) with the nightstands from Made Goods

… and vintage with lamps and custom shades from Nickey Kehoe.

We sourced a vintage chaise from Elsie Green, and the most gorgeous vintage rug from Heirlooms.

On the flip side we built a custom bookcase, by Seaworthy Woodwork, with shelving and drawers for extra storage, and dropped a tree in the corner.

The handles and pulls are from Rejuvenation.

Laurie allowed me to go accessory shopping and not tell her the pricing (my favorite type of client).

… except for the art. I had to tell her the price of the painting, which is vintage, and so mysterious. Is the woman meeting someone? What is she thinking? She has a story to tell and I want to know what it is!

The accompanying art pieces are sentimental. The painting above is Laurie’s mother’s own work, and the vintage fashion sketches were Laurie’s grandmother’s. Always add something personal to your collection if you can!


Let’s do a side-by-side, shall we?

Thank you Zeke Ruelas for the beautiful photos, and to the Murphys for allowing me to make the magic happen… or should I leave that up to you 😉 ?