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When I think about stripping my life bare and getting down to the essentials, I’m really so blessed. I wake up to a loving husband and our adorable dog, Remy, in the home that we share and we’re recipients of undeserved, unabashed grace. We have a roof over our heads, full bellies, and an amazing support system — there’s so much love to sift through and deciding on one story was tough. But I’d like to remember my aunts, who gave up their jobs and lives for nine months after my grandfather had a stroke in January of 2013, just four months after Clarence and I had gotten engaged. The stroke had left my grandpa paralyzed on the left side of his body and we watched as he transformed from a strong, independent man into a helpless child, confined to the rented bed that had been rolled into his home; it would mechanically incline and decline so that he could be fed and changed whenever necessary. My grandma and aunts dedicated themselves to his recovery even though they knew the chances were slim to none that he’d ever walk or talk properly again. And for those nine months, they loved him fiercely – with intention and selfless love. His meals were fed to him, coaxed gently when he refused, his medications given on time, even though it meant waking up through the night. And though he was utterly dependent on them, my aunts and my mom still treated him with dignity and respect. He was still their dad. My grandpa passed away a month before our wedding, and as much as I wish he could have been there to see me walk down the aisle, I will always be thankful for that time. My family witnessed firsthand the kind of healing that happens through sacrificial, unconditional love.

Our Heiday, In This Home Print

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