So in my previous post… I mentioned that I took a self-imposed blog sabbatical.

What happened, you ask?

I sat down each and every evening, preparing to post a holiday gift guide… and… I JUST. COULDN’T. DO IT.

I was deluged with holiday propaganda, pinterest boards, and the same ‘ol gift guides every time I opened the computer.

I found it tough to get inspired. It felt forced.

And I’m not going to force something down your throat, when it feels forced to me.

So my question to you is… Do you find all of these gift guides inspiring? Helpful?

… or does it sometimes get overwhelming? Do you see the same pieces mentioned over and over again?


Well, you’re going to 😉 .

But not without the help of some friends and some careful thought.

I was asked specifically to create a guy’s gift guide, because I think we can all agree that dudes are just tougher to buy for.

Another friend asked me to create a “Mother In-Law” gift guide. YES. Possibly even tougher than the dude.

Finally, I feel that beauty products make a great gift, but it’s not necessarily an easy world to navigate, especially when buying for someone else.

And there you have it… the “Hard To Buy For” Gift Guides.

Today we tackle The Dude… Monday we will get our “beauty” on with a team of Smashbox Cosmetics experts (and a MAJE giveaway), and Tuesday we will address the Mother-In-Law (best for last?) HA!

I will consider a fourth gift guide if y’all send me some requests. Let me know… I am here to help 🙂 . I could also do a roundup of the most unique gift guides I’ve seen… cuz I’m generous like that.

For The Dude… I enlisted the help of a past contributor, Mr. Jeff Myers. He is infinitely more cool than I am (except in certain vintage Instagram photos with double hoop earrings).

Jump on this list ladies… and your man will jump on you… in a good way.

1. Stay Dry And Fly // 2. Bout That Lyfe // 3. Super Hero

4. For That Post-Dirty Time // 5. So Fresh And So Clean, Clean // 6. Get Screwed

7. Art Game Strong To Unstoppable // 8. Nickels And Dimes // 9. Rare Air

10. Your Inner Darryl Dixon // 11. Kerouac Approved // 12. Of Course You Did