Hi Luvs! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I tend to REALLY zone out… and eat… and drink… especially when at the in-laws in the CT countryside… so I let my gift guides slide… until NOW!

If you’re shopping for the kiddos, you are in LUCK… because I know that some of these items will be on Cyber-Monday SALE today (and it’s the littles that matter the most, riiiight?)!

1. Intricate coloring books are back in… in a BIG way, and this couldn’t make me any happier! I just bought Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Bookfor my eleven year old nephew and he LOVES it! While there, I picked up Big Color by Numbers Book for my five year old and I don’t think I have ever seen him sit in one place… still… except for the movement of his coloring hand, for so long. Bonus? These books will take FOREVER to complete because of their intricate patterns! SOLD.

2. These raccoon knee socks have made the rounds on Instagram… and EVERY time I see them I secretly squeal with delight. Chubby knees and woodland animals obviously make a perfect pair!

3. It’s Jenga for the little ones! The Carrot Pull from Dot & Bo, makes a perfect addition to game night!

4. I’ve raved about these pants before, and I’ll rave again… no zippers, soft waistbands, and moveable fabrics make my VERY picky boy VERY happy. Hoonana pants are the bomb.com.

5. Magna-Tiles have been around for a while, but they have just added solid colors to their collection. Parker has played with these magnetic building blocks non-stop since we have been in NY (and Avery is now starting to get the hang of them too). I truly believe they are worth every penny. The solids will give them even more combinations to play with!

6. The J. Crew Kids’ Snurk Star Wars bedding is just so super cool. May the force be with you to get them to sleep!

7. Jess Brown Dolls have been on my “Avery” wish list for a while, but I just haven’t pulled the trigger. This is when you make a plea to the grandparents 😉 …

8. Boy or girl… almost every two year old I know owns a kitchen. And THIS new Pottery Barn Gray Chelsea kitchen is the stuff PARENTS’ dreams are made of! We can live vicariously through our children, no?! (If the “retro” kitchen is still your jam… don’t worry… it’s still here!)

9. Mitford At The Fashion Zoo is by Donald Robertson, famed Instagram illustrator and Estee Lauder Creative Director. At once a satire of the fashion industry… it is also imaginative and inspiring for children and adults alike! Not sure if I want it more for me… or for little miss A…