Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’ve taken some time to read my previous (very LONG) post on our new home, and just HOW we came to be here! I’m so excited to bring you some consistent updates on the design process, and then of course, the BIG REVEALS!

I have some really fun partners working with me, including Farrow & Ball, DecorView, and more to be announced soon!

… but in the meantime… let’s talk about my living room, shall we?

I know I keep showing this one photo… but I DO love it so much, and it’s all I can sneak peek at the moment! What I can tell you, is that it looks WAY different now that I’ve added the furniture we do have (mostly vintage pieces!).

What you see: A vintage beat-up Moroccan pouf that I am SO TORN over (you’ll see what I’m thinking of replacing it with below, although I’ll have to re-purpose it SOMEWHERE), a vintage 1920’s patent leather chair, and vintage tufted pink chair… all from 45 Three Modern Vintage Home.

What you don’t see… a vintage acrylic-leg and glass coffee table, a vintage leather chair, a vintage credenza (doors covered in cowhide), my West Elm Souk rug, a vintage 5’x7′ rug, and art up the KAZOO!

Where I’m headed: This home has a very French vibe, and after living in the space for almost three weeks, I feel like a vintage-french-modern-eclectic route is the path I’m going to take.

I’ve noticed that with all of the vintage pieces that I do have… I definitely need quite a few modern pops of lighting and furniture to keep it youthful and fun… so that is what I’ve been aiming to source.

Another interesting side-note? PINK seems to be making its way quite prominently into this room… something my hubby (thankfully) doesn’t seem to mind!

So what’s happening here is a combo of black, pink, white, gold and navy (mostly in the sofa)… with pops of yellow and light green (the color of the mantel) and a mix of wood tones (which will be more apparent later).

About the sofa… the above IS NOT it! I am custom designing the most amazing piece with Rosa Beltran of Clad Home and I CANNOT WAIT to show you! It’s basically a combination of three different sofas I’ve been eyeing and couldn’t decide on… so we built our own!

I originally put my Frances Loom vintage beauty of a rug in the living room, but then decided I wanted it in our bedroom (above) instead (because it’s about to get dark and moody in there y’all 😉 ).

I’m still a fan of the West Elm Souk rug… and honestly… after a few years of having it, and two professional cleanings… it looks beautiful (and the shedding has subsided). AND…it keeps the room light and bright which is exactly what I feel my living room should be (with all of the amazing windows)!

Where I’m torn?

Keep the beat-up pouf (shown in photo two) in the living room (it’s unique… no one else has one quite like this)… or go for a more mid-century vibe with the white Franco Albini inspired ottoman (which is having quite a moment again), shown on the inspiration board?

Also… art above the mantel, or a mirror? I can’t tell you HOW many times I keep going over this in my head! I know I can switch things up from time to time, so it’s not set in stone… but it’s literally driving me crazy!

What do you think luvs?

I know this room will change quite a few times before you end up seeing the final reveal (I’ve already tweaked the board endlessly)… but I think I’ve really focused in and I know where I’m headed!

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