Hello Luvs!

I hope everyone is feeling almost “full speed” again after the long break! I was definitely motivated last week, but with both kids back in school full time this week… I will be ON FIRE.

You know what else gets my fires burnin?


A few weeks back I posted this photo on my Instagram stories… filling you in on my “shoe problem” (aka: my HUSBAND’S shoe problem).

To be fair… he is a personal trainer, and he is sent A LOT of free shoes. Not a bad problem to have.

But a bad problem to have if your closet looks like THIS…

THIS… is what I so affectionately dubbed “the shoe pit” OR the “pit of despair”.

Which is why this door was ALWAYS closed, and I begged my hubby to give me an organized closet for our anniversary.

Sexy, no?



Now our closet is small. Very small. So I use the term “master closet” with a wink and some sarcasm.

If you’ve been following my Home Sweet Deesign series, you know that our house is a 1920’s era town home with 1920’s era sized closets to match.

There was no way I could utilize every inch of space using my own abilities, so I enlisted California Closets for the job!

… and they squeezed EVERYTHING they could out of every nook and cranny!

Here’s a little side by side.

There was absolutely zero functioning space on the back and left walls.

The right side didn’t change all that much, but the space for hanging clothes was lengthened, and we added shelves for storage that would reach to the ceiling.

My dresses hang in a separate closet in the rear of the house… along with my coats and jackets, but this is IT folks. If you want to Marie Kondo the f*** out of your life…

… just limit the size of your closet!

I still want to organize the drawers and shelves a bit better… but OMG… this has been life changing!

I’ve been living with the previous version of this closet for over fifteen years (we’ve always lived in older homes), so this tiny little closet makeover feels like a Mariah Carey, popping bottles of champagne walk-in-closet sized makeover to me!

The drawers are soft closing, and I chose a simple oil-rubbed bronze for the handles, but there are a TON of options to choose from and you can even buy your own handles and hardware if you want!

I think the coolest part of the process, is that your designer shows you actual drawings and 3-D ideas during their very first visit. Renderings come quickly after.

The pit of despair became a beacon of hope in just a few short days!

Here’s one last look at the shoe migration!

Next up? A similar (but more simplified version) of this closet for the kiddos. And ultimately… I will be doing a built-in, similar to what my New York E-Deesign client installed in her historical West Village home (she also had one minuscule closet to work with), so that I can bring over my hats, purses, and other accessories from the back room, and be able to put my husbands shirts, pants, undies, and hoodies in a place other than the hallway drawers!

It’s a work in progress… but we love an old home with “character”!

What’s been your biggest organizational feat? Are you reorganizing in the New Year? Tell me in the comments below!

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