When we first moved into our new home, I had three VERY clear visions of where I wanted to paint… the bathroom, the bedroom, and the front staircase (and door).

I am still wavering on the living room, although in a surprise poll on Instagram, most of you chose “light grey” over keeping it white! I am so so close to making a decision… I think I just have to “sit” in the room for a little while longer (as well as switch some rugs around).

I’ll keep you posted as things develop. The kitchen cabinets might get painted too. AHHH… SO MANY life altering choices to make (just kidding)!

… but now to these beautiful stairs!

This photo was taken before we even moved in. I knew I wanted to update the space and make it more dramatic and modern with wallpaper and new light fixtures (soon to come!), but I felt the steps could use some lovin too…

Remember… this house was built in the early nineteen twenties, and although there were restorations and updates made before we moved in, it has been designated as a historic property, so major physical changes are prohibited.

You are looking at all of the original (creaky) wood. The banister is original too.

After perusing Pinterest… and checking out other painted stairs… I decided I wanted a REALLY deep black on the risers, and most likely the surrounding stringers and trim molding.

Cue Farrow & Ball for the win on the most perfect black (of course)!

I am so happy to partner with Farrow & Ball on all of my paint projects for Home Sweet Deesign (happy dance, happy dance!)… and I couldn’t have been more excited to have those cans show up on my doorstep!

The color I chose is called Pitch Black, and the finish is actually “floor paint”, because it can withstand kicks and scuffs in high traffic areas.

Side note: You want to spend a bit more on your paint AND on your painter/installer, especially if you are going this dark on older surfaces… because mistakes are THAT much more noticeable! These stairs had many inconsistencies, gaps, and quirks, and my guy Jim really took his time coming up with solutions. I highly recommend him, and I will connect anyone with him if you need someone amazing for a project of your own!

After some deliberation about where I wanted to stop/or continue the paint… I chose to go ahead and paint the stringers (side sections) up to the trim molding.

It made the most sense when looking at where the trim continued, and where it meant the paint would continue also. If I had chosen to paint the trim molding, the black paint would have extended beyond the staircase, along the floor both above and below, which would be kind of weird.

Once finished, I couldn’t have been more confident in my decision and the outcome!

Here’s a little side by side action for you!

Next up for the entry? A wallpaper collaboration and some new lighting!

Next up for Farrow & Ball? The bathroom tease, the front door, and the room I’m the most nervous about… THE BEDROOM (which is being painted as I type this)!

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