When it comes to coffee table books… you can pick them by content, style, or even SIZE to create your unique tablescape. You can also arrange your surfaces (shelves, consoles, mantels) by color… which is of course beautiful, calming to the eye… and good for the “gram”.

Do you want a black and white aesthetic?

Do you want a rainbow colored bookcase?

I cover a bit of this in my Deesign Tips on Shelfies

It sounds easy… but it can actually get complicated… filling in empty spaces when you just need ONE MORE PINK BOOK!

So following up on a request from a friend of mine… here is a collection of some of my favorite books by COLOR… in five groupings.

You’ll never need to aimlessly wander the aisles of Barnes & Noble again (unless you like to do that sort of thing… which I sometimes do 😉 ).

Think of this as your starter kit… if you like this post… I’ll give you a round two!

Note: With some of these books, I take the jacket OFF for the desired effect.

Blue Books:

1. Gray Malin Beaches

Vacation FOMO? Just leave this on the table and open to escape (even if only for a few minutes a day!).

2. Mykonos Muse

3. Chic Stays

Can you tell I love to travel? It seems that these gorgeous books inspire everything BUT the “blues”!

4. Los Angeles

5. Allegra Hicks

As a 25 year Angeleno, this is one book I just HAD to have… and the pattern on Allegra Hicks’ beautiful cover speaks to the designer in me!

6. Surfing

Even if you aren’t a surfer (which I am)… you will still love the imagery in this book, which chronicles the history of surfing cities, styles and culture! It is ALWAYS open on my dining room console (pictured below).

Black Books:

1. Vanity Fair 100 Years

2. The House That Pinterest Built

Vanity Fair… a classic coffee table book. And Dine Keaton… can she do anything wrong?

3. Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue

This one’s for my fashion girls… and anyone who loves the quirky Grace as much as I do!

4. Black Architecture In Monochrome

This is one of my new favorite design books… and it will make you want to paint the exterior of your home black… STAT.

5. New York

6. Tom Ford

If you have a coffee table… you must have one about New York. Period. And the Tom Ford Book? It’s ubiquitous for a reason. Just get it.

Pink Books

1. Mexico The Cookbook

For the foodie… and SO pretty to look at too!

2. Giselle Bundchen

3. Christian Louboutin

Giselle… The top is pink, the spine is orange, and it is ALL WERK-ing for me! And just like his shoes… Christian Louboutin’s book is perfectly girly.

4. Impact

5. All In Good Taste

Well it seems the fashion crowd likes PINK after all…

6. Josef Albers In Mexico

Mexico, art, architecture… these are a few of my favorite things…

White Books

1. The Big Book Of Chic

2. Lee

Miles Redd is one of my design idols… and Lee Radziwill has led a life worth learning about. Grab them both for some coffee table eye candy!

3. The Dunk Book

Any sneaker heads in the family… hook them up with The Dunk Book.

4. The History Of Surfing

5. The Kinfolk Home: Interiors For Slow Living

Two of my favorites… both are better with their jackets removed!

6. Donald

Also better with it’s “clothes” removed… Donald is all of the cheeky fun you would expect from this Insta-famous artist!

Neutral Books

1. Neutra: Complete Works

Neutra. Enough said.

2. Habitat

3. The Finer Things

So many tasty design morsels in both of these books. Take a bite and display!

6. Beaches

Another dreamy Gray Malin book… because, who doesn’t like to dream?

4. Francoise Gilot

5. Island Hopping

If you enjoy art, travel, and gorgeous sketches… Francoise is a stunning addition to anyone’s home! And if you’d like to design your home like you’re living in a “getaway”… Amanda is your gal!

And there you go! All of the links are below each book!

As mentioned earlier… I can do another round of these… I have yellow, green and orange on my mind… and I can also add to any category that could ALWAYS use more (white and black, for instance).

Have fun folks!

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