Has anyone else been rearranging and redecorating their homes while in quarantine? I mean… after staring at every square inch of my house… I have REALLY been able to see what needs updating.

Our outdoor spaces are getting a major makeover (photos to come “hopefully” by summer), but the indoors have been more about organizing and sifting through items that don’t really function well anymore.

The room where I have done this the MOST (because to be honest, every other room has been taken over by homeschooling supplies), is my bedroom!

I love my bedroom… and a TON of you also love my bedroom, and are probably asking me WHY would I change it up?

Well after almost four years of living in it… I can clearly see where I can make it better (both in design and function).

The first change starts here…

I am removing this big blue armoire that came with us on the move, and replacing it with an antique French dresser (like the one pictured below). Although I love the pop of color, it blocks the window and the inside is a MESS (no matter what I have tried to tackle it with organizationally).

I have always wanted a vintage dresser with a stone top, and when I saw this one my heart melted. I will find a mirror to put above it (since we don’t have one in the room), and I already have a gorgeous vase that I can imagine a HUGE branch just bursting out of.

I am also hoping the drawers will keep items more contained, as the armoire is just a big open space on the inside with sloppily stacked storage containers.

The second update is very controversial! Shades… or Curtains???

I even opened it up to opinion on Instagram, and it was almost an even split, with curtains just barely edging out shades as the winner.

I’m still torn.

The reason I am even thinking about curtains, is because the shades allow so much light in, in the morning, and when our motion sensor lamps pick up movement outside at night, it’s like a flashlight going off in my eyes!

I haven’t made a decision yet, but I have some fabric samples (including some beautiful patterns) arriving next week to play with.

I will make sure to show you and see how it might sway some opinions…

Update numero tres… the bed!

This is still a gorgeous bed, but “in my bones” (and in the house’s bones), my spidey senses want something different.

Cane beds have always “spoken” to me, and the way that the decor has played out in the rest of the home, cane makes the most sense stylistically.

This style can skew traditional, french, or boho, depending on where you source it… so it’s good idea to sift through ALL of the options and find one that fits your aesthetic.

I feel like I’ve landed on “the one”, but I am going to round up my favorites (from my research) below.

Can you guess which version is my top choice?

1. Industry West: I really love this bed. It feels modern, clean, and chic, and let’s the rest of the room do the “talking”.

2. Lind + Almond: I imagine this bed could come straight out of a hotel room (because it does). It has an heirloom quality, which I am a huge fan of. It is bespoke, and special.

3. Lawson Fenning: This piece feels traditional, and I like that it has a footboard, although in my room a footboard will make the space feel more cramped.

4. Lulu & Georgia:This girl is a statement maker, and would definitely be the “star” of the bedroom.

5. Finnish Design Shop: Simple, beautiful, budget friendly… I dig it.

6. Serena & Lily: Serena & Lily have always done “trends” (like cane and rattan) correctly by steering the design towards tradition. It’s conservative… but I mean that in a positive way. It will stand the test of time.

7. France & Son: The spires on this piece appeal to my “dramatic” side. In fact, the more I look at this bed, the more I like it!

8. 1st Dibs: The curves on this headboard are gorgeous and one-of-a-kind. It’s custom made in France, and you can just “feel” those Parisian vibes.

Which bed would you vote on???

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