It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and true to form, things are gettin deconstructed, dirty, and a little discombobulated (because I keep changing my mind or adding/deleting things to the schedule)… which makes it GOOD TIMES for all!

If you recall from Week 1, the cabinets are staying, and so are the countertops (I don’t think I mentioned that)… but the backsplash is on its way OUT.

It’s not a bad backsplash (classic white subway tile)… but of course I craved something a little more fun.

Here is a shot of the tile fully removed… and how COOL does it actually look? That textured broken up wall ALMOST made me change my mind about what I wanted to do…

… but alas… my new idea could not happen quickly enough (which is totally ok… because I LOVE my original design).

As always when we’ve “dug” into this house… we have found “creative” solutions by the developer/contractor who we think just wanted to finish up the job and get the house sold.

For example… when the bottom row of tile didn’t meet up with the marble counter… they just added cardboard and a LOT of caulk to make up the difference in width.

Face slap.

… and this might look like a boring, ugly photo to you… but that new circular black plug (allowing for a dual fuel oven) cost me $1100.00 in new wiring.

Just keeping it real!

Damn thing should be encased in 24k gold!

The pantry has been ripped out, as well as the old “desk”, shelves,  and baseboards (this is a before and after)… and if you pay close attention, you will notice a peek at the FIRST thing we did for this challenge… something I hinted at on Instagram!

… but before I address the art that you can CLEARLY see in these photos… can we just take a moment to gaze lovingly at the paneling that was just installed from Metrie?

Small change… HUGE difference in texture and feel of the space.

Metrie… you are the BOMB!

You know what else is the bomb?


I look for it all over my city. I look for it when I travel. I love to learn the history of the art, and I want to know everything about the artists!

When we moved into our West Adams neighborhood almost three years ago… I always knew I wanted to honor the hood, Los Angeles, and our family, by using a local creative to spray paint the back stairwell that we use every day.

The “sneak peeks” above show the “prettier” snippet you will catch from the kitchen… but when you turn the corner, things get WILD (and you will just have to patient for that reveal 🙂 )!

I’ll just say that we ALL got involved and the result is pure FUN!

Ok I lied… you are going to catch a few more GLIMPSES… but that’s IT!

Here’s Jim repairing the one hundred year old staircase that I spoke about in Week 1.

We (as in Jim), ripped out the industrial carpet, pulled out 1000 staples, replaced one step, sanded, smoothed, primed…

… added beadboard, and painted the stairs a really cool color by Portola Paints called Nitty Gritty (the most perfect name for a much used, much loved, high-traffic back staircase!).

I have one more idea in mind for this spot in the house.. but I won’t even know if it’s feasible until next week. GAH! I hope it works out!

Let’s talk about the rest of the plans, shall we?

Above is the inspiration board I’ve been working off of. It has changed a few times, and it will probably change again, but these things I know…

1. I’ve always wanted to use the weathered white zellige tile, 4 x 4’s from Cle. Yes… they have been seen, used (and even “copied”) before… but for good reason. They are “old world” classic, with a twist, and I think Cle does them best.

I’m going to follow the original path of the previous tile, but then I am going to take it all the way up the “range” wall and cover the built in hood with it. No grout.

2. I’m going to have Anna from Bananas & Hammocks, who made me that SICK bunk ladder with the perforated brass steps, come and install a brass shelf on that range wall.

3. Hallman is shipping out the green stove of my dreams to give me the color POP I need!

4. I decided on a black slate for the floor, also from Cle, in a mondrian pattern that has already given my installer a heart attack… and we’ve only just started the prep (more to come on that).

5. You’ve seen the paneling from Metrie. It will be painted, along with the rest of the cabinetry and walls, in another gorgeous color from Portola Paints, called Stone 1. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a neutral paint before… but I’m literally over here DANCING.

6. deVOL kitchens… the kitchen designers of my DREAMS… is sending over a custom pot rack and two pendant lights from their own collection.

I’ve gone back and forth on lighting quite a bit… and I’m not sure where things will end up yet (the last challenge I changed my ideas about fixtures all the way up until the last day!)… so who knows what you will see?!

7. GORGEOUS hardware from Emtek arrived today! Knobs, pulls, latches and hooks, all in unlacquered brass, will be installed on the cabinets and walls.

I went with their classic designs, as I am keeping MOST of this kitchen true to its 1920’s aesthetic.

8. Also in unlacquered brass… a faucet WITH spray (that I didn’t have before).

9. Hudson Valley Lighting, a generous sponsor from the Fall challenge… is back again! I have a few sconces in my possession that will be chosen once I can figure out my pendant!

10. Remember the wallpaper from Milton & King that everyone LOVED from the bunk room ceiling? Well they make beautiful fabric too… and I’m going to use some 🙂 .

11. Late in the game-time decision? Adding some reclaimed wood to the ceiling from Ross Alan Reclaimed. I had always wanted to add some beams, but the ceiling is too small and the cabinets go up too high. Georgie and Ross told me to clad the ceiling in strips… so I said, “hell yeah”! Thank you Emily Henderson for introducing me to the loveliest couple EVER.

12. Finally, along with some other accessories (vintage and new) that I am rounding up, Scout Design Studio, a new sponsor and retail site I was not familiar with before, but am now OBSESSING over… provided a mirror and painting that I JUMPED on as soon as I saw them!

Here are the drawings for the new built in cabinet and desk area… as well as another addition to the mix… a steel and reeded glass door for the pantry (this is when my husband just stops asking me ANY questions and looks the other way).

Anna (Bananas & Hammocks) will be responsible for this little slice of happiness, and CA Closets will also be back to help organize the mess!

And because I couldn’t leave ANY of my former One Room Challenge team members out… Kevin and Paige will return for the built in “nook”, to give our butts a place to plop and put on our shoes each morning.

Isn’t it crazy how a tiny little kitchen “makeover” can take on a BIG life of its own in just a few small steps? I mean… I know it’s my fault. If I’m going to design something, I might as well DESIGN something, right?

I hope you like where I am headed! Please follow along, and make sure to check out each and every one of the featured designers (and guest participants too!).

See you next week!

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