Ok folks… It’s week three of the One Room Challenge, and things are in a bit of a holding pattern over here while the most important piece of the puzzle (and I mean PUZZLE) gets solved!

If you read last week’s post, you will remember that I decided on a black slate tile from Cle.

Check out those beauties above!

Choosing this tile was literally an “AH HA!” moment for me, as I had been grappling with my choices for a while.

The problem that I needed to solve? I couldn’t have something too thick. … because of the way my kitchen was laid out and how messy it would be to rip out the existing linoleum.

We had to put cement board on TOP of the linoleum, due to floor irregularities and stability issues.

So bottom line… the new tile had to be on the thinner side, so we wouldn’t raise the floor more than an inch.

Just when I thought I would drive myself crazy looking…

I received an email from Cle talking about their new slate.


Slate is classic, it’s black (the color I wanted), it’s textured, it’s multidimensional… it’s PERFECT!

I called Cle (literally that same morning), and I told them (begged them) to send me some!

My contractor Jim was quite relieved when I told him my choice, knowing that he wouldn’t have to worry about cutting into existing cabinets to add height for appliances…

… relieved until I showed him THIS.

Because a simple pattern would be… well… too SIMPLE 🙂 .

This was his response…

“DEE”, he said… “This will take WEEKS!”.

“Great!”, I said… “We’ve got… a few?”.

I honestly know he loves a challenge… so secretly he is loving every minute of this process (while cursing me under his breath).

… but you guys…

This floor and pattern are just. so. beautiful!

I am SO IN LOVE!!!

Just WAIT until you see it photographed next to every other piece we are adding to the kitchen (which we can now finally start working on)!

Thank you Cle for giving me the floor of my dreams, sent to me by divine intervention (email).

I cannot thank you ENOUGH!

Next week… you will see some paint, a backsplash, a cool new ceiling, and perhaps a light fixture that will be out of this world!

Now let’s go see what everyone else is up to…

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