It’s the One Room Challenge, Week 4… and I am waiting (tapping my feet so patiently… ha!)… for the “headliner” of this room (aka… THE BUNKBEDS) to arrive!

There isn’t a whole lot I can do until they are installed… but in the meantime I can let you into my “process” with how I’ve gone about choosing finishes, and accessories, and such!

It’s kind of like putting the pieces of a puzzle together… except you don’t actually want the pieces to match… make sense?

For example…

… if you read the post from last week… you will remember that I am using the rug pictured above, from House Of Seance, for the “headboards” of the bed. Someone asked me if I would also be using a vintage rug for the floor… but, no!

You have to switch things up… so I am using a natural, textured rug as a runner (photographed here with the finish we are using for the shelving by California Closets).

Next up? The finishes in the room!

We have a lot of brass happening with the railings of the bed (and the ladder)… and although I LOVE brass… I don’t want to overdo it.

The other bits I’m using? The drawer pulls by Emtek, in a satin finish. And for the pulls in the California Closets? I went for a crystal pull, also by Emtek, with an antiqued french brass finish as an “accent”. Although there is brass on the base… you really notice the crystal… which is actually a common knob material for a house from 1920 like mine! And isn’t it cool that you can customize the hardware on any California Closets system that you choose?

A fun detail that I didn’t even notice until it arrived? The wallpaper on the ceiling, from Milton & King, has tiny little polka dots!

… so I decided to pick a bedding that mirrors the pattern 🙂 .

The orange coverlet that will sit at the foot of the bed? I’m also pulling that from the color splashes in the wallpaper… and the grid pattern will emulate…

… the geometry of the Hudson Valley wall sconces that will go inside each bunk bed (black and gold pictured above).

So you see? There are “moments” in a design process that might seem accidental, or cool “just because”… but they are actually well thought out!

I have also bought some vintage items (ALWAYS buy vintage items for your space… these pieces make your rooms unique!). The beat-up leather portfolio bag and the sneak peek of that green, moody art come from Pop Up Home!

Things I am toying with? The chair that will go in the corner.

I have a really “weird” vintage chair that I sourced from a friend of mine (who has supplied some amazing pieces for my home). I’ve given you a “taste” of it above. It’s funky… it’s artsy… it’s unexpected. All things that I like, because I feel that today’s current design aesthetic is lacking in “weirdness”.

I might still shop around for something leather, or for something in a natural wood, but my gut is telling me to embrace the oddity of this piece!

Final thoughts…

… here’s the moulding from Metrie that my handyman painstakingly painted over the course of a day! I’m not sure if he ever wants to see GREEN again!

… and speaking of green…

… do I paint the actual window framing green? I have gone back and forth on this MULTIPLE times. I think I’ve come to a conclusion… but I’d love to know what you think!

Should I add art to that back paneling… or will the bedding and headboards and railing be enough? I honestly won’t know until it’s all installed and I’ve shopped for tchotchkes, and books and ceramics, etc.!

You guys! I can’t believe how fast this has actually gone… we are almost to the finish line!

Go see what my fellow designers are doing and give them some love! I’m going to spend my weekend catching up!

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