It’s the One Room Challenge, Week 3 and the first major cosmetic changes are finally under way!

If you checked in last week, there was a BIG discussion about paint… specifically GREEN paint… and what color green by Fine Paints Of Europe we would end up choosing!

My first choice was top row, center… called Venetian Shutter, but it ended up drying very blue, and very dark.

Now I’m not afraid of the dark… but this tiny little space, painted ALL one color… would need a bit more POP.

My next choice was top row, far left… but it just felt “flat” and too similar to a project I saw on Pinterest that also happened to have bunk beds.

The winner?

The green you see on the bottom… which I named Garden Grove. It looks so different at various points of the day… and I LOVE IT. I mean… if you’re going to go green… JUST DO IT!

… and man-oh-man does it look great against brass (and this vintage wood bench that I found!)…

… and this wallpaper on the ceiling by Milton & King!!! (but see how different the paint looks in this particular photo? It’s crazy!).

Want to know something else that happened this week that had me jumping up and down?

My delivery from Custom Comfort Mattress!

… and I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

When they say CUSTOM… they mean it! See those little rosette accents sewn into the top of the mattress above? You can ask for those…

… and this insanely beautiful fabric from Otis Textiles (I’m officially obsessed with them)? It’s called Arctic Grass

… and you can customize the sides of your mattress with it!!! (or any other fabric you desire). How cool is that???

… and my favorite custom accent? Embroidery! Of course I went the “cheeky” route… Can you guess what the other mattress says 😉 ? Why should we keep the “sexy time” limited to what’s happening above the sheets?

I can’t wait until I get to photograph everything properly… and to tell you all about this amazing company and what I found out while I was researching the “health” of the mattresses we are currently using. I’m actually planning a field trip back to the store to take some video… stay tuned!

Finally… I had one last task this week, while my bunk beds are being constructed… and that was to find a very special rug.

So I headed to the lovely ladies at House of Seance, one of my favorite sources for vintage.

Lara, the owner, had pulled some rugs for me that would help to pull out the blues, plums, and pinks from my wallpaper… and she NAILED it!

… but this puppy isn’t going on the floor… it’s being cut into two to make the “headboards”!

I seriously can’t wait to get these built-ins… IN! We start next week and I’m doing a happy dance in anticipation!

We just painted the mouldings and paneling, generously donated by Metrie… to be ready for the back wall, and to line the tops of the bunk and ceiling.

If you remember from week one, I showed that we tore out the original crown mouldings because we wouldn’t be able to find ones to match the crown for the bunk beds. Metrie provided the perfect solution!

This drawing is rendering #4 (how CRAZY good are the railings and ladder!!!)… and although we’ve tweaked it one more time… the differences will be subtle.

Now I’m off to find some art and accessories!

Have you checked in with the other designers? Because I’m off to see what they’re doing too!

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