When I decided I was going to custom build floor to ceiling bunk beds for my One Room Challenge… you can BET your bottom dollar that I was going to research what kind of mattresses were going to end up on those (expensive) beauties!

… and this wasn’t just about price (I’m going to get to that later)…

… this was about my family’s health and sleep quality.

After doing a little research on what actually goes INTO your run-of-the-mill mattress… I was pretty shocked.

I mean, I had some prior knowledge when shopping for my kiddos’ baby mattress… but then for some reason I didn’t follow through for myself, and Parker and Avery’s subsequent beds.

Considering that my husband is a health and wellness expert… this was a major fail on our parts!

… and then I met Isla and Gary from Custom Comfort Mattresses (with a big ‘ol coffee stain on my shirt)… and they SCHOOLED me.

Not only did I find out that the expensive mattress I bought about eight years ago from a prominent supplier ended up being the “bad example” in the video below (can you say petrochemicals? Face slap)…

… but Isla also informed me that I could customize my mattress with my own fabric, personal embroidery, and rosettes! Mind blown!

So if you want to learn more about what makes a mattress healthy, happy, and built to last… watch me fly through the air and land on one with “the greatest of ease” (not)!

… and Happy Holidays Mimi and Pop Pop… you officially have the BEST beds in the house! Next year… I am putting a King size version at the top of my wish list!