You guys. It’s the One Room Challenge, Week 5! We are down to the WIRE. Like I am literally sitting in my home every day, watching the SLOWEST part of this process take shape. It’s like watching paint dry…

… but for real. I’m watching paint dry.

It took three full days to get these bunk beds in and installed by Kevin and Paige. In a space this small, it was like a game of Tetris. Their workmanship is so amazing… I couldn’t believe this massive piece was conceived on paper, and then never fully assembled until IN the space. It’s MAGIC y’all!

Then there is the filling of holes, caulking, sanding, and cutting and installation of moulding (which you now see around the bunks and the ceiling… thanks to Metrie)…

… and the addition of the bead board to the back panels (also from Metrie).

… and you know what we decided to do last minute (because what fun would a design challenge be without LAST MINUTE changes?)…

After installation… we decided that it would be SO nice to have that wallpaper on the “ceilings” of the bunk beds too (because Paige laid down, looked up… and wanted to see more birds). Thanks Paige!

And so a quick email to Milton & King (in AUSTRALIA)… and they had more paper sent out asap (like within two DAYS)!

So here’s what my next few days are looking like…

Wednesday (10/31): Jim is putting the second coat of paint on the bunk beds, doing any touch ups needed, and installing the lighting.

Thursday (11/1): Wallpaper is being installed on the ceilings of the bunk beds… AND… Anna from Bananas & Hammocks is installing the railings and ladder…

Friday (11/2): California Closets comes to install the closet, and afterwards Jim will install hardware in the room from Emtek, the mirror from Rejuvenation, and the last piece of accent wallpaper from Milton & King!

… and while that’s happening I will be running around Los Angeles shopping for accessories and making game day decisions because the photo shoot has to happen on SATURDAY (11/3), because my photographer leaves town on Sunday! AHHHHH!

Thank God this room is literally only 100 square feet!

A few more things…

1. These are my f***ing ladder steps. I mean… I think they are the sexiest steps I’ve ever seen.

… okay I actually haven’t seen them yet… these are just photos… but I’m going to bet that on Thursday when I see them in person my mind will remain BLOWN.

2. A friend of mine was here over the weekend and said that the room felt like an old-fashioned train sleeper car. BINGO. That’s exactly what I wanted it to feel like… so you can BET I did a happy dance!

3. I can’t wait for the paint to dry so that I can start adding all of the yummy texture I need to break up some of the green (even though I LOVE the green… but you know what I mean)!

4. I’m curious to see how my photographer can get “the shots” out of this very small space… because I’ve been having trouble with the angles (I have full trust in him BTW).

Okay everyone! I will see you next week for the full reveal! I’m like a kid sitting over here waiting for Christmas Day… I hope you are as excited as I am! I think you will love what I’m doing here!

If you need a refresher (to see how far we’ve come)… make sure to read Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

… and finally… GO CHECK OUT THE OTHER DESIGNERS! There is so much inspiration happening and I have been excited to learn more about new artisans and and vendors by watching their Instagram posts and stories, and by checking out their weekly updates.

Week 6… Here we come!

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